The NBA as viewed by 4 Aussies, with the latest news, reviews and opinions


About the Blog

This is a blog which offers the opinions of three Australian NBA fans, which we will be posting on a few times a week. Come to us second (after for the latest news in the league. We hope to discuss all of the happenings of the league, injuries, trades, big games, the lot, as well as offering some helpful advice on who’s-hot-and-who’s-not in the NBA. Expect to hear a lot about the Clippers, Thunder and Heat.


 Hey guys, my name is Elliott and I am co-founder and chief author here at NBAAusStyle. If you’re looking for any mock drafts, draft analysis or college ball news, I’m your man. I’ll also be writing about the playoffs and other bits and pieces. Long time OKC man, although my favourite player is Bradley Beal! I love watching clutch threes and massive dunks, but I also appreciate the little things, such as a nice play or a sweet dime.
I hope you enjoy some of the things I have to say!


My name is Jack, Long time Clippers fan, always proud of them. My favourite player would have to be Blake Griffin, because of his amazing alley-oop ability and his ability to put up signature highlights every game. I have a big interest in the statistics of the NBA, as well as playoff situations and player and team match-ups. Basketball is one of my favourite sports, and the plays I appreciate most would have to be the fundamentals, a nice post move or cross-over is a perfect example.
I will also give a shameless plug to my other blog,, which I write on a few times a week.


 My name is Ryan and I have been following the NBA since 2010. I support the Miami Heat and enjoy watching and playing basketball. I think that basketball requires a lot of skill, focus and teamwork. I hope I can write interesting and engaging paragraph for you in the seasons to come.


Hey Guys, Im Jesse, a new author of this blog… I’m happy and ready to inform you of all the goings on in the NBA.
My favourite NBA team is the Chicago Bulls and my favourite player is the one and only Kyrie Irving. I have been following the NBA for a couple of years now and have improved my knowledge ten fold. I have been playing basketball for a bit over a year now. I LOVE Basketball because of the skill involved and the level excitement available.


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