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NBA Aussie Style: Update!

Hello NBA fans! I am writing to you all to inform you about some changes that have happened in our lives in since we started this website.

This website was created mid 2012 after the 2011-2012 season with intentions of giving you guys regular NBA news updates. Over the years though, we have realized that doing this would be harder than first predicted. I mean the articles that we do write seem to get spaced over a six month period, and this is because the time to write these articles becomes scarce within our busy school lives. However my co-writers and myself have decided to make some changes.

Over the last month we have recruited a new writer, Bick, who is here with us to relieve some of the load when it comes to producing articles. He has developed into a talented writer and always has a unique perspective about all issues that arise in the NBA.

Our webmaster, Jack, is still here with us creating analyzed and comprehensive articles. The Los Angeles Clippers are still his team and he won’t let anybody forget it!

As the years have passed Elliott, our most talented and cherished author, has provided you fans with wise and insightful inputs on a range of topics he has covered. He still continues to motivate us to keep producing articles even when we might not have as much time as we would like to write them.

As for myself I have grew less attached to the Heat throughout the years, letting them go and not particularly having a ‘favorite team’. I tend to have found myself liking teams that have well rounded players and perform well through their respective seasons. I shall continue to write for you all and I also am expecting to produce some articles in the near future.

We are all looking forward to watching the NBA strengthen and develop here at NBA Aussie Style, and we also look forward to bringing you interesting articles in the future as frequently and as often as we are able to. We have appreciated you visiting us here over the years and we would all like to thank you as you have motivated us to persevere and work on our writing skills.

From all of us here at NBA Aussie Style, Thanks for visiting!


About ryan55

My name is Ryan and I have been supporting the NBA since 2010. I support the Miami Heat and enjoy watching and playing basketball. I hope that in future seasons to come I can write interesting and engaging articles for you.

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