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Blake Griffin Injured

Hello basketball fans, Jack writing,

For the last week or so, the USA Olympic mens team have been training together in Las Vegas, in preparation for the Olympics in London. They have been based there for a while, training, eating and living together. But in the latest turn of events, Blake Griffin has injured his knee, which puts him in doubt for London.

Griffin took part in yesterdays practice and scrimmages without any reported issues, and seemed fine for the rest of the day. But he woke up the next morning with pains and swelling in his left knee, and was flown back to Los Angeles to be looked at by the Clippers team doctor.

It is still uncertain whether or not Griffin will make the trip to London, but it is looking like he will. Whether he will get any playing time or not, that is a different question. Anthony Davis has been called in to replace him for tonight’s game against the Dominican Republic.

This is just another injury to add to the list of stars who didn’t make the team due to health. Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Derrick Rose, Chauncey Billups and LaMarcus Aldridge  are all missing out due to injuries.

Blake Griffin will probably make the trip to London, but will have to wait until further word from doctors before team manager Jerry Colangelo makes his decision on him.

Anthony Davis is one of 3 players, along with Eric Gordon and Rudy Gay, who initially didn’t make the 12-man squad, but have since been called up due to injuries.

Blake Griffin will probably make the trip over to London, but will sit out the game against the Dominican Republic as a precaution. Anthony Davis will come in to replace him against the Dominican Republic, and may make the trip over to London if Blake Griffin is unable to do so.


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Jack Neubecker is a Science/Mathematics student with a fascination for how analytics and statistics informs decision-making in professional sports. In an abusive relationship with the Los Angeles Clippers, deals with the pain through an affair with the Dallas Mavericks and Kristaps Porzingis. Host, producer and writer for the Point Forward NBA Podcast. When playing games of pickup, Jack can post you up before looking for the fadeaway or the dream-shake, size you up on the perimeter or facilitate in a pinch. Think a combination of Dirk Nowitzki and Rudy Gay. Thing-Doer. Inventor of the computer, penicillin, lying and irony. Twitter: @jackneubecker

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