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Top Ten Players Prediction For 2013

I predict that next year we will see some players perform very well in the 2013 season. Players like Russel Westbrook, Deron Williams and Kevin Love may all be standouts next year to the NBA public. I am going to do my top ten players prediction for 2013 article.

1. Kevin Durant- Kevin Durant is possibly, maybe even the best small forward in the current NBA competition. Averaging 28.0 points per game Durant will be a top scorer next year. He is good with the ball, handy in defense and can attack very well in offence. Come the 2013 season Durant will be a player to look out for because of his power and dominance with the basketball.

2. Lebron James- Lebron will be a pesky opponent to all of the NBA players next year. James is a consistent player that always brings his best game to the court. James is lethal in offence and can perform when you need him to. James will definitively be a force to be reckoned with next year.

3. Kobe Bryant- Kobe has about 1-2 years left in him regarding performance on the court. On the contrary these two years are going to be stella for Kobe. He’ll be looking to go out on a bang and with the help of Steve Nash and Andrew Bynum he may just get another championship if he puts his mind to it. Kobe is a very good offensive player but may be lacking assists. None the less the next two years will be what decides Kobe’s NBA career.

4. Deron Williams- Deron Williams will have a year where he steps up and performs well. Williams is probably one of the best point guards in the NBA after Chris Paul and Steve Nash. Williams will have a brilliant season working well with Joe Johnson. If Dwight Howard also joins them, they will give the bigger teams a run for their money. Williams will be a standout player in the next season to come.

5. Russel Westbrook- Westbrook is a dominant point guard that has a “star in the making” factor about him. Westbrook has lots of potential and is a very skilled player. Him and Kevin Durant are the match made in heaven. Westbrook sets up and Durant completes, but when Durant isn’t there Westbrook can go himself and still make a statement. Watch Russel Westbrook in the 2013 season.

6. Rajon Rondo- With 11.7 assist per game Rondo is a play maker. Rondo has a very good view of the game and how everything works in his favor. Rondo is a star in Boston and with rumors that Allen may be leaving to South Beach Rondo needs to become more of a star to see Boston have any chance at the playoffs. I beleive that Rondo can step up if his team realy needs him to. Lets see in the 2013 season.

7. Carmelo Anthony- Anthony has been an outstanding player for New York over the past couple of years. He has been shooting, and scoring very well with his team, New York. But, is his “good game streak” finally over? Has he still got his touch? I think that he still does. I think that without him, New York would have no real player to look up to. I think that Anthony will perform to his usual standard, very well.

8. Blake Griffin- Griffin is an all round star for the Clippers. Griffins redounds per game is high at 10.9 per game. Griffin may be a little bit forgotten with the new arrival of Lamar Odom and the re signing of Chauncy Billups next year. None the less Griffin will be a standout for the clippers yet again in the 2013 season. He can score when you need him to, play smart when you need him to and he can put on the accelerator when you need him to. Another player to watch out for in the next season to come.

9. Kevin Love- One of the top forwards in the league will be going to next year with his head held high trying to get the Timberwolves to the Playoffs. Love has an outstanding track record for a sufficient number of rebounds per game. I sense that possibly Love would be thinking about a trade from Minnesota in years to come because of their consistent losing streaks. He probably will stay and help Minnesota and if he gives it some time they may be in contention for a championship.

10. Anthony Davis- The 2013 season will decide what direction Anthoy Davis’s career decides to take. Davis was number 1 draft pick in 2012 and I think that his career could go either way. If he has a good year he will become a fan sensation. If he has a bad season his popularity would be not so flash and he would have been considered overrated. Personally I think Davis will have a good season and will have heaps of fan support around him. It will be interesting to see how him and Rivers go at the Hornets next year.

Well, That’s my top ten players prediction for 2013.




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My name is Ryan and I have been supporting the NBA since 2010. I support the Miami Heat and enjoy watching and playing basketball. I hope that in future seasons to come I can write interesting and engaging articles for you.

One comment on “Top Ten Players Prediction For 2013

  1. new fan
    July 7, 2012

    Disagree ……
    James should be no 1!

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